2015 Oklahoma State Meeting – 5/17/2015

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What a wonderful time we had at the Oklahoma State Meeting held on May 17, 2015 at Coffee Creek Riding Center, Edmond, OK!  Thank you to Joy and her people for making us feel so welcome.  We enjoyed a presentation by LSTEN/Region 8 representative, Jen Donahue from Equest in TX who shared with us the changes and new things coming down from the International offices.We were excited to hear about the improvements being made to the quality of standards and training being done for our industry.

We spent a good majority of the time hearing about how each of us began our Therapeutic Riding journey and what is happening at each of our centers.

Then the women of Coffee Creek gave us a tour of their facility and shared how it has grown and evolved over the 38 years it has been in existence.  Then we went into their arena and they shared with us their wonderful games and tools they used for lessons.

I am so excited to see the growing and improving community of Therapeutic Riding that is happening in Oklahoma and can’t wait for us to get together again.

Here are a few notes of what came out of that meeting:

Judy Smith (Right PathTRC, Drumright, OK) spoke to us about the Vista/ AmeriCorps grant program that can pay full or part time salaries at a non-profit.  Deadline for 15/16 is June 3rd Details at  www.OKserve.com…  You can contact her for more information.

Mindy Hole of CbarHsaddlery.com spoke on her saddle company that is working on making adaptive tack for therapeutic riding.

Judy Smith also spoke on Right Path’s Hooves on the Ground program a partnership with a Tulsa area Vietnam Veterans’ group  and some of the new things happening there.

Oklahoma Caravan – those who want to go to the Region 8 meeting, August 1,2 & 3 in College Station, TX  can contact us and we can carpool/caravan to the meeting together to save money and make it a more enjoyable trip.  Also, if anyone needs a room mate, email one of us and we can send out a notice to help find a roommate:

Natalea Watkins – natalea.watkins@gmail.com

Cathryn Christensen – okneigh@yahoo.com

Joy Milligan from Coffee Creek did a great presentation on some of the toys they use to work with younger children.  Most of their wonderful collection comes from:  http://www.lakeshorelearning.com/

We talked a bit about the Literacy Programs happening at some of our centers and here are some resources if you are interested:
Literacy Books:

There is a Coaches training session for Equestrian class of Special Olympics coming up on June 9 in Stillwater.  Here are a few other Professional Equine Associations with special classes:

National Snaffle Bit Association: http://nsba.com/index.php/foundation/heroes-on-horses.html

Pinto Horse Association: Challenged Rider Lead Line

Special Olympics Equestrian coaches training is at 6pm June 9 in Stillwater.  Go to www.sook.org for details.  If you are coming to Stillwater for the meeting, call Natalea and we’ll meet for a light dinner before.

Our 2016 Oklahoma State Meeting will be May 14, 2016 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. We will announce more as we get closer.

Cathryn L Christensen
Oklahoma Representative
Region Eight
PATH International

2015 Oklahoma State Meeting
2015 Oklahoma State Meeting
Sharing a bit about ourselves, how we got into TR and what is happening at our centers
Networking and sharing, what a wonderful sight.
Taking a break.
Food and Friends, what can be better?
Thank you to Velinda Baker for being my wonderful “camera-woman” as Jen Donahue shared updates about PATH Intl.
Joy and her crew sharing about the learning tools they use during lessons.
We are all enthralled by the wealth of knowledge being shared.
Thank you to Coffee Creek.

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